Our Founder & President

Rev. Pr. T. Jacobe comes from the Hindu family in the State of Tamil Nadu , When he was born it was under the district of Madurai but at present it is known as Dindukkal District.

He was known as Madhana Gurusamy as hUntitled-1 copyis parents were unable to support him financially towards his studies so they planned to join him in Christian hostel which is near by his village called Kallimandhayam. They changed his name as “ Yacobe” and made him to continue his studies from 2nd to 8th std there he came to know who JESUS is .From 9th to 11th std he was shifted back to Hindu school because he came from a Hindu background and because of that he was interested in doing idol worship and other rituls. After he completed his S.S.L.C he searched for a job for years and he got into the practice of bad habits.

Because God chose him in his mother’s womb God never leave nor forsake him .In the year 1973, he joined I.T.I (Fitter Course) in Tirunelveli District presently known as Tuticorin. In Oct 1974, when he heard the message of Lord through Bro.D.J.S.Dinakaran he confessed his sin and received salvation of Christ. In the same year when he began to pray with his colleagues on 31st Oct he got anointed by Holy Spirit and he began to preach God’s word hence forth in his own college. Through his ministry lots of people got anointed and some of them valued themselves in ministry .In 1976, he got placed in production center in the same campus and there he got chance to preach to the students and workers. During this period he got a chance to meet Rev.K.J.Abraham (senior minister in Church of God) in Tuticorin there he had a fellowship in his church.

On Oct 2nd 1976 he got baptized by him and in April 1981 he moved to Chennai due to his work by disobeying Gods word so that he faced lot of problems. Through Rev.K.J.Abraham he got introduced to Pastor D. Visvadoss and he married his elder daughter in 1985.In 1986 he got placed in M.R.F System concern. He was blessed with two kids and settled in South Chennai in Adambakkam.

God called him for his mom n dadministry in North Chennai and gave a burden in his heart to start a church in Korrukupet in 7th July 1996. He started his ministry in a small place with one believer. Later in 31st Jan 1999 he started worship in a hall around 800 sq.ft in old washermenpet. Through God’s guidance later he started another church in Mooppanaar nagar, Korukkupet at one of his believer’s house. There he served lord for a period of one and half years. After which He was asked to vacate the place by the anti-Christian elements along with the police department and he got the place in Kamaraj School (1000 sq.ft hall) to continue the Korukkupet Church worship service in 2007.

By the grace of God both the churches are begin to grow in numbers. At present more than 200 members worship God in Glory House of God. Presently his own son Pr. Ezra Prince and his spiritual son Pr. James assisting him in ministries and also by God’s grace he five churches in Dindugul and one at Coimbatore. He financially helps a missionary who is working among the tribal people in Maharashtra through TRM. We are praying for own church to be build with parking facilities. If God’s second coming is delayed we will get a chance to take part in the Revival of last days. We need your prayers for our ministries. May God bless you all!