There are different kinds of ministries involved by our church believer under the leadership of pastor.

To get involved in any ministry listed please contact the ministry leader. If you would like to know where help is needed most, please call the church Office (044-25995021) and we will be happy to direct you.

We are very thankful for all of our believers here at Glory House of God!

Men’s Fellowship

Men’s at GHG gather every Sunday right after the service gets over for a short time to pray  for each other and enrich through the word of God

Women’s Fellowship

Women’s at GHG gather every Sunday after service and also gather on every Friday in their homes alternatively under the leadership of pastor’s wife. There they themselves lead worship, prayer and preach the word of God.

Youth Ministry

All the youths of GHG gather together once in a month (probably on last Sunday) under the leadership of youth leader and have some innovative programs. We also conduct a one day youth retreat once in a year and invite all the youths around and share the gospel. Once in a year our youths travel other districts of Tamilnadu to minister among the unreached youths.

Children Ministry

GHG children gather on every Sunday after the worship service under the leadership of children coordinator. They learn action songs, memory verses and bible stories etc. Once in a year we also conduct a five days children summer camps for all the kids in different areas.

Prayer Cells

GHG believers assemble in small groups in their own areas once in a week and pray for the nation and for the each other and meditate on the God’s word.  

Village Ministry

GHG involves in an outreach ministry in a rural areas. We support six branch churches in the villages of Dindugul district. Once in a year we conduct a gospel crusades in the unreached villages

North – India Ministry

GHG supports tribals and adivasi in north India with the partnership of Transform Reformation Ministry at Maharashtra

Music Ministry

GHG conducts music concerts to share the gospel and also our musicians will play on special occasion of our believer’s home. Through singing and playing instruments we glorify God’s name.

Media Ministry

GHG is in the process of making monthly magazine and progression of making gospel albums.